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  1. Here To Stay

    The Kite Connection is happy to announce we have signed a new lease with the City of Huntington Beach! You are stuck with us for another 5 years (it's been 35, I'm sure you can manage!), and hopefully another 5 or more after that! More to follow, stay tuned! I know the Pelican isn't related, but he's just so cute we used his picture again, with his full consent of course!

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  2. Work In Progress, Please Stand By

    The new site up and running. As we get mor familiar with this whole "Blog" thing (hey, we're old school!), we will have more content added on a regular basis! For now, please drop in on us out on the pier and say HEY!

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  3. New for November

    Well we have finally launched the new web site. We hope you find it to be an enjoyable experience. If you don't, please tell someone that cares! Oh wait, that would be us! You can tell others if you enjoy it! Thanks for checking in!

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  4. Hello world!

    Our local friend, who we names Tweety, is a regular at the HB Pier. Stop by and say hi sometime!

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